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Tzong-Horng Liou



Tzong-Horng Liou


Phone: (02) 2908-9899 ext.4617

Fax:(02) 2908-3072

Email: thliou@mail.mcut.edu.tw

Office: room 109

Lab Info

Powder Material Process Laboratory

(02) 2908-9899 ext.4617

Location: room 307



Education Background(學歷背景)

Ph. D. Chemical Engineering, National Central University


Research Topic (研究方向)

ü  Nano-materials, Carbon materials, Materials resource recovery and uses, Ceramic materials

Recent 5-years Research Topic(近五年研究計畫)

1. A green route to synthesis ordered mesoporous carbon and its application in the preparation of mesostructure nano-photocatalyst composite with highly photoactivity by adding titania and graphene, sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology, MOST 103- 2221- E- 131-031, 08/01/2014-07/31/2015

2. A green approach on resource recovery and recycling of agricultural biomass for preparing high adsorptive capacity support and its application in photocatalysis reaction, sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology, MOST 101- 2221- E- 131-035- MY2, 08/01/2012-07/31/2014

3. Preparation and characterization of mesoporous structure of biomass-based activated carbons and their application in the titania/activated carbon mesoporous composites, sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology, MOST NSC 99–2221–E–131–018, 08/01/2010-07/31/2011

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