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Shwu-Jer Chiu



Shwu-Jer Chiu

Associate Professor

Phone: (02) 2908-9899 ext. 4623

Fax:(02) 2908-3072

Email: sjchiu@mail.mcut.edu.tw

Office: 218

Lab Info

Catalyst Research and Application Laboratory

(02) 2908-9899 ext.4606



Education Background(學歷背景)

B.S. Tatung University

M.S. National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Ph. D. National Taiwan University of Science and Technology


Research Topic (研究方向)

ü  Catalytic material, technology, and process development; Renewable resources process development.

Two main research topics were undergone in recent years, (1) chemical recycling, especially on catalytic degradation, of plastics in the presence of ionic liquid with microwave-assisted heating, (2) biodegradable scale inhibitors development, principally on PASP and PESA, and applications.


Recent 5-years Research Topic(近五年研究計畫)

1.    Monomer recovery from polyester plastics degradation in the presence of ionic liquid, sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), 101-2221-E-131- 036-, 2012/08~2013/07.



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