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Yu-Kaung Chang 張煜光

update date : 2021-11-25

Yu-Kaung Chang   Professor


Phone: (02) 2908-9899 ext. 4661

Email: ykchang@mail.mcut.edu.tw

Office: General Building





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Research Interest

1. The application on protein recycle with Ion exchange chromatography of fluidized bed

2. The application on protein recycle with hydrophobic interaction chromatography of fluidized bed

3. The application on protein recycle with column chromatography design of fluidized bed



Ph.D.: University of Cambridge, Chemical Engineering (1995)


Reviewed Articles

  1. Method development for direct recovery of lysozyme from highly crude chicken egg white by stirred fluidized bed technique (2016, YK Chang, IP Chang, Biochemical engineering journal 30 (1), 63-75)
  2. Simple two-step procedure for purification of cloned small sialidase from unclarified E. coli feedstocks (1998, YK Chang, YH Chen, CH Chien, Enzyme and microbial technology 23 (3-4), 204-210)
  3. Development of operating conditions for protein purification using expanded bed techniques: The effect of the degree of bed expansion on adsorption performance (1996, YK Chang, HA Chase, Biotechnology and bioengineering 49 (5), 512-526)




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