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Chao-Lin Liu



Chao-Lin Liu


Phone: (02) 2908-9899 ext.4664

Fax:(02) 2908-3072

Email: clliu@mail.mcut.edu.tw

Office: Rm109-1, General Building




Education Background(學歷背景)

B. Pharm. School of Pharmacy, National Taiwan University 
LL. B. Department of Law, National Taipei University 
LL. M. School of Law, Washington University in St. Louis 
Ph. D. College of Medicine, National Taiwan University


Research Topic

ü   Enzymomics
Enzymoomics is the discipline studing on the enzymome, the set of enzymes. The profiles of those enzymes activities in different parameters, such as pH, temperature and so on, can be monitored and identified by. two-dimensional electrophoresis (2DE), zymography and mass spectrometry. By the technique, a bunch of chitinases were observed. Some unique chitinases were identified, expressed and patented. The discipline also applied on diseases involving enzymes activities, 


ü   Chitinasome
Chitin is the polymers composed with the monomer, N-acetyl glucosamine. It is an abundant polysaccharides and distributed in various organisms, such as crustaceans, fugi, and insects. Microbes degrade chitin with multiple chitinolyc enzymes for carbon and nitrogen sources. Recently, chitinasome, a protein complex producing N-acetyl glucosamine by chitin cleavage, was identified. The protein and bioseparation techniques are applied for elucidation on the subunits and mechanism of chitinasome.


ü   Intellectual property and biosafety

Recent 5-years Research Topic

1.      Optimization of Producing Hexameric Chitin-oligosaccharide and Expressing Its Enzyme,ASChi61, as Well as Enzyme Immobilization, sponsored by, NSC, NSC 102-2221-E-131 -023 -, 8/01/2013-7/31/2014


2.      Characteristics and Optimization of Expressing ASChi61, a Chitinase Producing Hexameric Chitin-oligosaccharide, sponsored by, NSC, NSC 101-2221-E-131 -032, 8/01/2012-7/31/2013


3.      Investigation on the Characteristics and the Optimal Process Parameters for the Production of a Chitinase Producing Biomedical Function Molecules from Chitin by Activity Proteomics, sponsored by, NSC, NSC 100-2221-E-131 -007, 8/01/2011-7/31/2012

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