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Wen-Chen Chien 簡文鎮

update date : 2023-11-08

Wen-Chen Chien   Professor   NanoPowder/Colloid Laboratory

Phone: (02) 2908-9899 ext.6001/6127

Fax:(02) 2908-3072

Email: wcchien@mail.mcut.edu.tw

Office: Room 217/Lab: Room 307, Chemical Engineering Building

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Research Interest

 Preparation, Characterization, and Application of Nanoparticles

The major research efforts focus on the preparation, characterization, and application of Nanoparticles. The methods for preparing various nanoparticles in our laboratory include liquid precipitation, solid-state, hydrothermal, and microwave-assisted methods. The prepared nanoparticles have been applied in various fields of application, including phosphor powder, photocatalysis, anti-bacteria, organic-inorganic composites, lithium-ion battery, and coating materials.


Ph.D.: Chemical Engineering, Taiwan University

M.S.: Chemical Engineering, Taiwan University

B.S.: Chemical Engineering, Tamkang University

Reviewed Articles

  1. Electrochemical performance of V-doped spinel Li4Ti5O12/C composite anode in Li-half and Li4Ti5O12/LiFePO4-full cell (2014, CC Yang, HC Hu, SJ Lin, WC Chien, Journal of Power Sources 258, 424-433)
  2. Preparation of high-rate performance Li4Ti5O12/C anode material in Li4Ti5O12/LiFe0. 5Mn0. 5PO4 batteries (2014, CC Yang, HJ Hwu, SJ Lin, WC Chien, JY Shih, Electrochimica Acta 125, 637-645)
  3. Li3V2 (PO4) 3/C composite materials synthesized using the hydrothermal method with double-carbon sources (2014, CC Yang, SH Kung, SJ Lin, WC Chien, Journal of Power Sources 251, 296-304)


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